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Book Review: Spin Sucks, by Gini Dietrich

I have a confession to make. Normally, I do not read business books. Typically I find that they are too long by half, and the writing and content don’t hold my interest for long. This was not the case with Spin Sucks, authored by Gini Dietrich, founder/CEO of Arment Dietrich and the driving force behind the respected Spin Sucks […]

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Find, Sift, Filter, and Sort–Addressing Content Shock

So, this is what happens when you wait more than 24 hours to write a blog post. Someone else writes it for you. Okay–not exactly. But Shel Holtz has written a great piece challenging some of the points made in Mark Schaefer’s post describing the coming “Content Shock.” Christopher Penn took a look at what […]

Guest Post — Social Media Lessons from 2013

The following article is a guest post from Stacey Waxman. Stacey is a freelance writer who focuses on marketing. Social Media Lessons from 2013 Although the big players of Facebook and Twitter still dominated the online social media network in 2013, there were many other outlets vying for attention. Sites like Vine, Snapchat, and Tumblr […]

CustomScoop Loyal Customer Referral Program

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Effective social customer service starts with solid monitoring

About two weeks ago, we tweeted out a link to a piece on Forbes about social customer service—why some companies are good at it, and others are not—which referenced research done by Analyst Ashley Verrill, of Software Advice. We received a nice note thanking us for the tweet, with a link to the results of […]

New Look, New Features!

Not just a new look, new features, too! At CustomScoop, we are continually updating our system with the latest technologies and features. We understand that our clients deserve the best monitoring tools available and are pleased to unveil our new features and new look as part of our Summer 2013 release. Our latest upgrades include: […]

Quality Trumps Bias Every Time

Everyone has bias. No matter how loudly a journalist may proclaim innocence on this front, we all come to stories with our own experiences and perspectives. This influences how we approach a topic, who we interview, and what we ultimately write. My experience as a first-year volunteer baseball umpire reinforced my view that people accept […]

When should the media ignore social channels?

For all of the benefits of social media, there are times when the controversy that is generated through a social channel is so silly, so shallow, and so worthless I wish it would be ignored. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of social channels and what can possibly be described as a unquenchable thirst for pageviews, an […]

Fried Chicken – Chick-Fil-A’s PR Crisis

If we are all going to rush to judgment, I hope we’re at least burning some calories while we are doing so. The Chick-Fil-A fiasco took a turn for the absurd today, with allegations that someone on the PR team set up a fake account and started to push back on the Muppets toys being […]

Social Media and Moneyball

I haven’t seen the movie (yet), but this post makes me want to. Go read it, it’s great–an excerpt worth calling out here: [...] If I see one more social media leadership position go by default to candidates with “big agency digital experience” or “big brand digital experience,” I am going to throw my pencil […]

Unbelievable. Homeless Hotspots–is this where marketing is heading?

My parents, friends, and long-suffering husband can attest that I am rarely rendered speechless. But the antics of marketing firm BBH Labs have me darn close. I honestly had a hard time believing this wasn’t a story that inadvertently made it into the mainstream media after having been sourced by The Onion.